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Ritmo is a music platformer in which players must navigate a level to collect notes that play a song. Think Temple Run meets Rock Band. Jump, slide, bounce and spin to avoid obstacles, collect notes that play a song. Miss notes, your part of the song dies out; start collecting notes again and your part of the song comes back. Play solo or with up to 3 friends in 4 player couch coop.


  • Play as one of four characters that represent the four parts of each song.

    • Bass (Yellow)
    • Drums (Blue)
    • Rhythm (Green)
    • Lead (Purple)
  • Each character is color coded so that the notes intended for each character matches the color of that character.

    • This is also done intentionally to help lead the player on the right path through the level.
  • Jump, slide, bounce and spin to traverse the level

    • Jump and slide to avoid the obstacles of the level
    • Bounce by activating bounce buttons and landing on bounce pads to reach higher platforms
    • Spin to collect special spinning notes
  • Play through 10 levels, each an original song composed by the Noisemaker Games team

  • Play the levels with up to 11 gameplay mutators that change how the game plays


Ritmo started as a Senior Capstone project for the Entertainment Arts & Engineering undergraduate program at the University of Utah. Starting initially as a concept that was very similar to The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, the game evolved and changed dramatically over the first year of development. At the end of the class, a beta version of Ritmo was released on Desura.com. Most of the team members parted ways, and those who remained continued developing the game, adding new levels, new songs and gameplay modifiers. The last year has been focused on gameplay and level polish.



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